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Tips For Storing Your Car - New Zealand Edition

Updated: May 11, 2021

When it comes to storing your car it’s important to make sure that you have it ready for storage. Now if you are storing your car simply overnight for security reasons (i.e. a work van) or week to week for your weekend car - the vehicle should be fine, and as long as you stored it in a healthy condition it will be fine the next time you show up to drive it.

However, if you’re storing your car for a month or more it’s important to follow the below steps to have your car in the best condition possible when you finally show back up to drive it away.

Clean your car before storing.

This might sound a bit counter intuitive, but cleaning your car is an important part of storing it safely. For example if there are any bird droppings on the car when put it into storage. They will eat away at your car’s paint creating permanent damage to the paint work. Waxing your car as well creates a great protective layer to keep the dust off your car. And leaving a couple of windows open a crack to let in airflow is a great way to keep the air inside your car fresh for when you return.

Don’t use your handbrake.

Leaving your car’s hand brake on for an extended period of time can lead to the brake pads, and the brake disc fusing together leading to damage to your car’s brakes. And in severe cases the brakes will no longer work.

This can be avoided by placing blocks in front of the front wheels and behind the back wheels of your car to make sure it doesn’t roll backwise or forwards while in storage.

Keep it out of the conditions.

If you are choosing to store your car in a storage garage this won’t be a problem at all. However if your car is being left outside, a cover can help protect the car from the weather especially sunfade.

What about your fuel.

It’s important if storing your car outside to make sure your car has a full tank of gas. The reason for this is that with a full fuel tank there is less empty space in your fuel tank for moisture to build up especially over the shoulder seasons where weather can be extremely cold and extremely hot all in the space of a day.

However if you are storing your car in a storage garage, you’re better off to leave your car’s fuel tank on the empty side. The reason for this is you’ll have the opportunity when you come to drive it to top it up with some fresh fuel or easily drain the fuel if it has gone stale.

Protect your tyres.

With your car being stationary for a long period of time. Your car tyres won’t be moving, leading to the exact same spot being in contact with the ground for a long period of time.

To avoid flat spots, make sure your car tyres are inflated to the tyres recommended limit and if you are storing for over a month, putting your car on axle stands and removing the tyres can pay dividend and save you having to buy a new set of tyres when you next come to drive your car.

Protect your car’s engine.

When storing for an extended period of time making sure your car’s engine stays in good shape is one of the most important parts of storing. The best way to do this is having your car serviced before storing. What this will do is decrease the likelihood of corrosion and leaks while your car is sitting stationary and not being used.

We hope these tips have been helpful to educate you on the best practices for storing your car.

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