SASP Storage provides customers with the convenience and security they deserve for all their storage needs.


24 Hour Surveillance & Insurance Approval

Keeping your possessions safe at SASP Storage is our main goal. With 24 hour Surveillance, we can keep track of the coming and goings at the facility, and when your garage is being accessed. Our garages are also insurance approved.


Fully Monitored

To ensure that the contents of each unit are safe at all times, SASP has full monitoring on all storage units to make sure you are the only person accessing your unit.


Individually Alarmed Units

The only people who will have access to your unit is you and the authorized personnel at SASP Storage. If anyone tries to access your garage without the correct swipe card a call will be sent out to the monitoring group for further inspection.


Individually Equipped With Fire Alarms

At SASP Storage, making sure your goods are just how you left them is our aim. To do this each unit is individually equipped with its own fire alarm, to alert our monitoring team at the first sign of smoke.


Security Fences and Gate

SASP Storage Facility is closed off to the public with security fences and an electric gate to allow customers in and out of the facility.

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